neuropsychological evaluation

Our child adolescent assessment team provides comprehensive evaluation and screening services.


Our child adolescent clinic assessment team provides:

  • neuropsychological evaluation
  • psycho-diagnostic assessment
  • autism assessment
  • infant toddler developmental screening
  • cognitive functioning / IQ testing

We offer comprehensive, thoughtful, individualized evaluations assessing cognitive, learning, social-emotional and behavioral strengths and challenges.

Based on client referral questions, we measure the following functional domains and skills in our battery:

* abstract reasoning
* adaptive behavior
* attention
* auditory processing
* behavioral social emotional functioning
* executive functioning
* fine motor coordination
* fluid intelligence
* inhibition
* mathematic skills
* novel learning
* pragmatic speech
* problem solving
* processing speed
* reading skills
* receptive & expressive language
* self regulation
* sensorimotor
* sensory processing

* short-term memory
* social skills
* verbal comprehension
* visual perception
* visual memory
* visual-spatial ability
* working memory
* written expression

We offer strength-based evaluations for children and adolescents, age 12 months to 18 years. We address our client’s referral questions and concerns and we specialize in autism spectrum, anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, learning disorders, giftedness, twice exceptional, mood disorders, developmental delay, sensory processing, obsessive compulsive disorder, and differential diagnosis.

We appreciate neurodiversity. We are dedicated to serving multi-cultural families. Our team members are from diverse backgrounds and many of us are bilingual or trilingual (e.g, English, Mandarin, Korean, Danish, French, Spanish, Italian). We work with interpreters when needed.


Brief assessments are sought out to better understand a young person’s development, challenges, school readiness, make strategic school placement and planning decisions, and implement preventative techniques. Screenings are also useful for determining if further assessment is warranted.

The brief assessments we provide are:

  • infant toddler developmental screening
  • academic skills screening
  • school observation & teacher consultation

Please contact us if you have questions about our evaluation services and process or to schedule an Intake Session.