Licensed Psychologist

We are hiring Licensed Psychologists (PhD/PsyD) specializing in Child Adolescent Clinical Psychology.

Licensed Psychologists may provide evaluation, treatment, training, and supervision. Licensed Psychologists can work at Seesaw San Francisco and/or Peninsula. This is a Part-Time position but can lead to a Full-Time position.

Primary Job Responsibilities:

  1. Conduct neuropsychological and psycho-diagnostic evaluation. Provide screening and evaluation with children and adolescents (ages 12 months to 18 years) for Autism Spectrum, ADHD/LD, anxiety, mood, Intellectual Disability, giftedness/2e.
  2. Provide therapy and consultation for children and adolescents participating in evidence-based CBT, DBT, social skills training, behavior therapy, mindfulness, and parent coaching. Services are delivered in individual, family, and small group formats.
  3. Provide training, supervision and consultation to post-doctoral fellows and team members.

Skills and Requirements:

  1. Five years plus experience providing neuropsychological, psycho-diagnostic, Autism, and/or early childhood assessment.
  2. Five years plus experience providing skills-based, evidence-based therapies with children, adolescents, parents, and families (i.e., CBT, DBT, ACT, SEL, behavior therapy, parenting programs).
  3. Experience and updated CEU for training and supervision to post-doctoral fellows.
  4. Open to feedback and consultation and enjoys working on a close-knit team.
  5. Experience working with culturally diverse clients and families.
  6. Highly organized, detail-oriented, energetic, reliable, wordsmith, and creative.
  7. Multi-disciplinary team, school, hospital, private practice or private out-patient clinic experience. Work experience in various settings is preferred.
  8. Licensed Psychologist in California. Completed training from an accredited university training program in Clinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology, or Combined Psychology.
  9. Bilingual/Trilingual (Mandarin, Spanish) is a plus.
  10. Long-term commitment only. Professional growth opportunities are available within our company.

To apply:

Please submit your application by email to our Clinic Director, Sabrina Gabel, Ph.D.

  1. CV
  2. Cover letter
  3. Sample psychological evaluation report and/or treatment summary (de-identified)

Please share with us:

  • Why would you like to work on our team at Seesaw?
  • Are you interested in working at our studio in SF, Burlingame or both?
  • Are you tech savvy and are you a Mac user?
  • Which languages do you speak?
  • Any special interests or background?
  • What tailored benefits would you like to have as a team member at Seesaw?